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Fun Fact

One of our professional 360-degree cameras is an NC Tech iSTAR Fusion that enables users to measure inside of 360-degree images.

If there is a need to take measurements remotely for an architect, then Spherevision already has a solution for it.
Besides that, we can get the SDK pack for you if you wish to develop a measurement function into your software, application, or cloud-based services.

Where to use it

Integrate it in professional 360 imaging applications so it can capture and share measurements, use it in 360-degree based project builders as Spherevision has done it, moreover, in asset management, construction, evidence collection, and surveying.

  • 360-degree project builders
  • Forensic investigations
  • Construction and engineering sector
  • Individual architects
About 3D imaging

In the real estate industry, there is a need to see in advance if a modification can be done regarding a construction or renovation project. Especially in Ibiza and similar places where the new construction projects are limited.

Many times a potential buyer requests a feasibility plan to see if a modification or major reconstruction can be done. In these cases, one of the local architects can make the plan; however, buyers usually ask theirs.

Whatever is the case, we can provide high-quality 360-degree images, access to measurement software, and even one of our architects can help you with your ideas.

NC-Tech Imaging

NC-Tech developed the iSTAR Fusion camera for measurement imagery and the SDK to be able to integrate the functionality in any software, application, or cloud base service.


Spherevision already integrated the measurement functionality in its 360-degree project builder software. The Spherevision Project Viewer is Free. For the Spherevision Project Builder, you have monthly or yearly paid options.


Veesus developed its Arena4D software that enables users to pull measurement data from 360-degree panoramic images taken with iSTAR cameras.


Plans for remote places

Renovations, modifications

Feasibility plans

Real Estate

Asset management

Forensic investigations

Evidence collection


Three-dimensional positions

SDK Reminder

Integrate it into your software