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Fun Fact

Did you know that there are 27,488 top hotels in Spain from which more than 900 are in Ibiza?

The number of rentals that are advertising stagnate between 1,500 and 1,800.
The number of tourists visiting Ibiza dropped in the last three years from 7.2 to 2.34 million per year.

Where to use it

It is an optimistic estimate that you are going to reach even the last year's profit margin in this competitive market with half a season, and the dance clubs closed. That being said, you should advertise and promote everywhere you can.

Post single 360-degree images on Facebook, upload a virtual tour to Google Maps, create and upload standalone virtual tours to, message privately all your contacts with tempting offers, and advertise or promote with as many short videos as you can.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and Google Ads
  • WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications
  • Listing sites and agencies
About Promoting Your Property

If you are an agent, agency, or actually the owner of a property, you know that someone has to promote it or find other alternatives for the use of your rental. Now, in 2020 it is better if everyone around you is working on your project. We are also here to help.

If you are giving out information about your property generally or focus on a particular part, you should do it professionally that catches the attention of your target audience. It can happen by updating your website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, or messaging your contacts one by one.


The only social media platform that recognizes 360° images is Facebook. Besides the walkaround or drone videos that are already in place for promotional purposes, we all create short videos of virtual tours as well, so we can post them on additional platforms like Instagram and Twitter. We also want to send these short videos to our friends and partners via instant messaging applications. There are many ways to create a video from a virtual tour, even virtual tour software engineers are working on exporting 360° videos from virtual tours, but that is to come in the following years.

360° Images & Virtual Tours

Single 360° images are uniquely showing your property in 2D or 3D. Implementing 360-degree views in your promotional strategy helps to succeed with your plans. You can use them directly on your website, Google My Business account, or Facebook. Furthermore, on the biggest listing platform in Spain, on you have the option to promote your property with virtual tours. We can help to manage this option because it needs a server place where the virtual tour is stored and can be shared, embedded.

Immersive visual perceptions are not only favored by Google, but your clients prefer to see them as well. They help to establish trust with the benefit that Google prefers to show businesses with 360-degree images first.

Video Marketing Campaigns

After understanding your audience you shall set your campaign goals like creating awareness, driving sales, traffic, or all of the above. Make sure you are spending your budget well. If you target the millenials, there will be need of many short videos. If you would like to strenghten or establish your brand, you'll need to invest a little more money than just creating short video ads. Optimizing your videos for each channel also makes your campaign effective. The KPI's (engagement, views, play and click through rate, sharing, etc.) will tell how each video performs. There is always a need to test the videos, and fine tune them for the audience and platforms.


Images, 360° images, videos, texts

Listing sites and others


Yours and agency's


Send messages to all your friends


Get into topics in public groups


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