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Fun Fact

Did you know that 90% of the promotional videos are watched via mobile devices?

There was never this big the presence of mobile devices on the market before. There are a vast amount of opportunities if you are prepared to take advantage of its potential.

Where to use it

Your mobile marketing strategy should cover at least two areas. Firstly, preparing for mobile marketing. That means a mobile-friendly website and your content adapted to mobile data and screen resolutions. Secondly, focusing on personalization and on initiating new conversations from which you can convert your target audience into buyers.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter Ads
  • Instant Messaging Applications
  • Google Ads (Mobile Websites)
  • AdMob (In-App Mobile Ads)
About Mobile Marketing

Promoting your property, services, or products is not an easy job in this full of offers and ads environment on the internet; however, a mobile marketing campaign can make a big difference.

You need to be extremely creative to catch the attention of any person from your target audience because the competition is now the fiercest. You may consider both organic channels and paid ads. We can do both for you. The ads require experience (choosing the right channels) and creativity (unique design) that the actual ad reaches the desired target audience and fulfills its role. The content for organic traffic should be tempting enough to initiate an interaction.

Mobile Marketing

Organic Traffic

The hardest but the most beneficial. This includes the generated traffic to your website with SEO and other techniques which are not considered ads. On top of this, there is a need to use all of your contacts; Facebook friends on Messenger, WhatsApp contacts, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, every contact you have on any platform.


Conversions come from passive or active conversations. Passive when we design the way for a client from a post or ad to your website, then motivate her/him to make a booking, buy a service or product. The better personalized the way is the more clients you can expect. Active conversations are those which are initiated via any messenger application, email or phone call. In these cases a consultant follows up with the clients all along the way until they reserve or buy.

Mob Ads

We differentiate two types of mobile ads. The Mob Ads that are being shown on the mobile websites and the in-app ads that are usually shown in the banners of mobile applications or as pop-ups. The latter one is three times more efficient; however, you should take into consideration your target audience because focusing only on one type of mobile ads can end in losing a majority of your potencial cleints.

Have a fortress

Your own space to rederict your audience to


From conversations


Give something extra to your audience

Organic traffic

Half organic, half paid ads

Mobile content

Images, videos, virtula tours and texts designed for mobile


Don't forget the organic traffic