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Fun Fact

Drones are not to replace other videos or marketing tools. Their purpose is to achieve new perspectives for video coverage.

A great video marketing strategy involves drones to create more engaging content with their unique visual perspective.

Where to use it

Motion picture teams of marketing firms love drones because they make them capable of getting from the storyboard to the creation in a fragment of time - and money - instead of days of preparation.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, and YouTube
  • Embed in the website of the property or the agency's
  • Google Ads and other advertising platforms
  • Insert in exclusive virtual tours
About Drone Marketing

Real estate firms are hiring drone experts to promote their high-end residential or commercial properties.
They even invest in drones and do themselves the recordings and the after works.

The music festivals, dance event organizers, and DJs are also using drones to give their scene and playing a new perspective.

Besides classic videos and still images, aerial videos can give you a special memory of your once in the lifetime event.
You can even live stream the event to those loved ones who could not come in person to your wedding.


With the help of drones, there is a faster and unique way to create a particular message for your audience.

Live or Recording

Live streaming in rural areas is a challenging and expensive process; however, we can do it with a satellite uplink.


Always hire drone specialists who are capable to take care of the full production process. You do not want to pay for another professional who deals with cutting, coloring, narrating, subtitling, and synchronizing the music track with the motion pictures.

Live event streaming

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook


Beaches, hiking and bike tracks, natural settings

Property and garden

Introducing the property and the garden from an aerial perspective


Hire a drone for your wedding in Ibiza

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