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1 min. €199, 2 min. €349

Fun Fact

Steadicam is a brand name of camera stabilizer mounts, invented by Garrett Brown. It was introduced to the public in 1975. Since then, we just call a shooting scene taken with these kinds of mounts a Steadicam scene. It's like Kleenex.

Depending on the project, we use Steadicam or gyroscope.

Where to use it

In the real estate field, a professional walkaround video is to show around inside of the property to the potential renter or buyer via social media platforms or websites.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, and YouTube
  • Embed it in the website of the property or the agency's
  • Facebook, Google, and Instagram Ads
  • Insert it in exclusive virtual tours
About Walkaround Video Marketing

These videos are usually raw materials for short films for ads and additional tools for other video projects; however, a standalone walkaround video can present a property excellently. Specifically, when we place more emphasis on interior design.

It is also useful when an apartment is in the city center.

Interior Design

When it comes to properties that are not exactly located in the best place for creating a mixed short video with drone footage, or we just simply want to focus on the interior design, then this single solution can be perfect if it comes from the hands of professionals.


The idea of giving the role of an actor to a camera on a Steadicam or gyroscope will never get old. It fits with other motion picture recording techniques while a standalone version you can fully meet your needs as well.


A videographer who has eyes for recording in style is a prerequisite for these shootings. Catching those small things that make the place unique and using angles that make a difference is fundamental for a video material like this.

Live event streaming

Walking around in an event is entertaining


Highly recommended for apartments in the city centers

Property and garden

Introducing the property and the garden from POI


Hire a walkaround videographer for your wedding

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